Designed in Italy

The home of luxury, Italian design ensures ultimate style

With a rich heritage spanning generations, Italy is recognized world wide as a leader in luxury design. Merging traditional craftsmanship with innovative new techniques, it remains unparalleled in the world of jewelry design in particular. Designing our products in Italy means that Electio is infused with the kind of jewelry-making expertise that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Stylish and functional

A jewelry-first approach with seamlessly integrated technology

Unlike other wearable products, Electio focuses on the jewelry element first. Crafted from jewelry-grade material to the most stringent Italian goldsmith standards and set with sparkling gemstones, these bracelets are impossible to immediately recognize as smart tech.

The electronics utilize state of art technology specifically manufactured to integrate seamlessly in to the jewelry. The buttons and LED lights subtly blend in to the band and the battery and bluetooth antenna are tailored to integrate in to the design. Durable and stylish, the Italian-designed stretching self-adjusting system provides a firm yet comfortable fit, for a stunning piece of jewelry amplified by powerful technology.

Ideal for every occasion

Perfect balance between luxury, comfort and function

Merging beautiful design with useful technology, Electio’s adjustable fit ensures the gentle vibration alerts can be felt, the sensors are able to collect accurate health and activity data, and the bracelet slips on or off your wrist without the hassle of locks. The LEDs are invisible when off and visible only to you when on, whilst the buttons blend seamlessly into the design, protected from accidental pressing yet easy to access if needed. The choice of precious metal gives a sleek finish that looks as stylish with an evening dress as it does with everyday clothing. Electio is smart jewelry that goes wherever you go.

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